vauxhall village

w/ sean griffiths & sam jacobs (of FAT) @ ysoa

Vauxhall Village proposes to subvert the bland gentrification of contemporary London by creating a vibrant multi-use affordable housing development along the Thames. The site is designed to support the thriving communal city life of traditional piazzas and town squares while marking itself as a landmark destination along the Thames. 

Providing a backdrop for the waterfront village is a “billionaire’s row” of investment properties that also acts as a barrier to the busy highway behind and incentivizes investment in the affordable housing complex at the water’s edge.

The complex is aggressively mixed use, containing everything from autoshops to nightclubs, and the architecture is intentionally jumbled and referential with the aim of creating an exciting, dynamic urban condition.

The design was generated from a series of conceptual process models and drawings which are attempts to psychoanalyze the work of postmodern architecture firm F.A.T. These early explorations served as points of departure for architectural and urban ideas that were applied to a previously-industrial site undergoing the homogenizing high-end real estate development characteristic of London and other global cities in the 21st century.