utility wall housing prototype

w/ alan organschi @ ysoa

This systematic prototype addresses its site with a distinct sidedness. A thickened utility wall borders the driveway and is embedded with equipment and service spaces. Private spaces explode out of the wall, and sliver windows provide a long view down the site to maximize privacy. The monolithic wall system serves as conceptual support for a highly customizable ‘lean-to’ shed, and condenses utilitarian function in a single band as to maximize open, livable space for family functions. More than a formal gesture, the densely packed wall system serves as an efficient organizer of space and a single datum off of which the prototype’s system can flex to fit site-specific needs such as views, lighting conditions, and site dimensions.

The house is organized based on the idea that true ownership of a residence does not reside in the utilitarian aspects of a home, but exists in the customizable open space in which family and social activities take place. By compressing equipment and service spaces into a narrow band, the rest of the plan maximizes open and livable space on a narrow lot. Private spaces above are expressed as contained volumes breaking through the heavy service wall, creating a dynamic play of shadows.