c.a.s.i.s. headquarters proposal
w/ marc foster gage @ ysoa

As the corporate armature that will support the International Space Station in all its future ventures, CASIS needs a unique headquarters. It needs to function both as a secure, private complex for the foundation’s research, development and operations and as an open and inviting space to engage tourists and other visitors. The building is organized by a series of activity nodes which are bound together by a glass public promenade. This promenade cuts into the stone objects providing views into workspaces for visitors, and views out for the workers. The objects are clustered around an open courtyard, to give the complex the feel of a small village or campus, which is important to dispel the hypercorporatist air of CASIS.

One enters the building’s courtyard by a monumental staircase off of the park, or an elevator takes you directly to the main lobby space. From there, one is connected to the public promenade band which provides access to the education center, the auditorium, and meeting rooms. A large central volume serves as a viewing space, allowing visitors to watch operations control conducting launches from across the void while the Destiny Module hangs ahead.

Descending down the large central volume takes visitors down into the subterranean exhibition space. One exits with an ascent which concludes with views of the river. CASIS administration and support services are all located in the two taller buildings in the complex in the rear.